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Our Story

Birdi & Co is the brainchild and passion-project of Kush and Leena Birdi – two lawyers who wanted to create a firm where they could do the work they loved, but in an environment that inspired them (as well as others).

The two share a philosophy – a philosophy they call “Infectious Enthusiasm”. They believe that high-quality work is a given, but it’s the attitude you adopt in work (and life) that matters most. It’s what delivers real value and helps to cultivate long-lasting client relationships. It’s the more human element of the lawyer / client dynamic that they felt too often got lost, but is the thing that leaves the longest impression once a project is closed.

At Birdi & Co, there is a real desire to ensure that every client who walks through the door is met with positivity, passion and energy. That the client feels a genuine curiosity and empathy for their vision – and that with the right mindset, together we can make amazing things happen.

“Infectious Enthusiasm” is the beating heart of Birdi & Co and is what has helped the firm develop a reputation, not just for excellent technical work, but for being a genuinely enjoyable firm to work with.

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